My beautiful wife Ms Angel, even though she has hd and is fully aware of what’s in store and always has known has never dwelled on it or blamed anyone. Ms Angel still finds the strength to smile that beautiful smile and when anyone does anything for her that she cannot do for herself she apologizes to them. Whenever the hospice nurses come to bathe her or when I have to clean her up ,she has to hug you and thank you and apologize for not being able to do it herself. Whenever anyone she feels close to is hurt or sick she worries about them, The chaplain for hospice went into the hospital and ended up in a nursing facility while he recovered, even though she was sick and weak I had to take her to visit him and she took him one of her teddy bears, after loading her up and wheeling her in to see him it tired her out and she fell asleep in the car, but she felt the need to visit him. Ms Angel is the most caring, loving and positive person I have ever known, caring for her is a privilege and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is my love, my life, my angel, my wife.







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