My husband is  Matthew McArthy. His mom has full-blown HD. We found out about a year ago that he's gene-positive. Shortly after we got the worst news possible, we got the best: I was pregnant with our first child! Matt and I welcomed our daughter, Olivia Ellen, into the world on October 11, 2011. She is the love of his life. Just when he needed a reason to keep going, he got it. He is a great dad. He is loving, and attentive, and always ready to do anything and everything for his little "Livvy Beans." I work at night, so Olivia often accompanies him to HD support meetings to help bring smiles to faces that need them. Now that the shock of the gene-positive status has started to ease, as is his way, Matt is springing into action. He's been participating in medical studies, and would like to begin speaking to groups about HD to help raise awareness, especially among younger generations.


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