Faces of HD

As part of our annual May Awareness Month campaign we are featuring a new "Face of Huntington's" every day. The profiles will be posted on this website, on the HDSA Facebook Page, and distributed via email daily.

In May we work to increase awareness of HD and HDSA to a wider audience, and explain why people outside the HD community should be interested and supportive of the working being done in HD research and care. There is nothing more compelling than hearing about an individual's or a family's struggle to face the challenges of HD on a daily basis, so please ask your friends and colleagues to visit this page daily, or send them a copy of the email you receive —it will go a long way in convincing them that they should learn more, and hopefully become a volunteer or supporter with HDSA.

Our thanks to everyone who has volunteered to tell their story in this forum. And thank you for helping bring Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow to everyone affected by Huntington's disease.

If you would like to submit a story please send your story and a picture to mperez@hdsa.org











Meet Henry

Meet Bob

Meet Lisa

Meet Amy

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Meet Eva

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MeeT Lacy

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Meet our past  "Faces"


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